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SearchGooSimple.php is a very simple free PHP search script using the Google Web API and NuSOAP.  With just two files to upload and one parameter to set, you can be up and running in minutes.  It's just about the simplest PHP Google Search script there is.


Click here to download the script


Upload searchgoosimple.php and nusoap.php to your site.

Edit searchgoosimple.php with your Google API License Key. (Visit for a Google API License Key and more information on the Google Web APIs service.)

Other parameters may be left as the default or changed as you wish.

How to Use it

Use searchgoosimple.php as a standalone web page (add some HTML for a page title etc.)
OR (better) include it in another PHP parsed web page.

Advanced Use

You can pass a search request to the script (or the page which includes it) with a GET or POST of the variables query, site (optional) and start (optional).


searchgoosimple.php is Copyright (C) 2004