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PersonaProbe is a search tool which allows you to probe the Web for the available information (and mis-information) about people. It uses Google's XML Web Services API to retrieve search results from Google.

We'd like to say a special thanks to Imaginaire SEO, who have helped us to turn our script into something that can be used in web design, seo and other digital marketing channels.

The 10 different probes each use carefully constructed search queries to retrieve information or comment on an aspect of the person's life - As well as Probes into their Profile, their Family, their Faith, and much more, you just have to try the "Lies and Deceit" probe, and perhaps the most revealing of all just asks "Why?"

It works well for election candidates!

And what does it come up with on you?

Try it now!



SearchGooSimple.php is a free PHP Google API search script - perhaps the simplest one available to install.  Just 2 files to upload and one parameter to edit.



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